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Welcome to Oleander School...

... an exciting and challenging new school in south London. It is hoped that you will have a clear understanding of the characteristics of this new enterprise which is supported by dedicated staff with many years' experience, and a dynamic group of parents who share the same values for their children.

At Oleander, we are committed to providing excellence and are not content standing still but are always moving forward. By providing a safe, caring and happy environment where everyone is known, valued and encouraged, we are sure that the children will achieve their highest potential. I have no doubt that these new beginnings will foster an environment that prepares our children to become confident, enthusiastic young people and to develop life-long skills and positive attitudes that will enable them to flourish in the future.

We have Open Mornings every Wednesday between 09:30 and 11:00. Please let your friends and family know so that they can come along to see what we do at Oleander.

All prospective parents and children will receive a warm welcome at Oleander Preparatory School and we look forward to a successful and thriving future for all.

Mrs Marcia Marshall

News in Brief

Dec 2011 OFSTED Report

Mar 2015 OFSTED Report

Tuesday 21st April.....    

Start of Summer Term

Monday 1st June.....    

Revision Week

Monday 8th June.....    

Assessment Week

Monday 29th June.....    

Parents Consultation Meetings

Wednesday 1st July.....    

Potted Sports Day

Thursday 9th July.....    

Prize Giving

End of Summer Term